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STP & ETP Plants

  • Complete Turnkey
  • Design from low flow to high flow
  • As per PCB norms
  • International Standard
  • Complete automation is also available
  • Various Technologies
  • Ultra Filtration is also available

Solar Water Heater

  • Hot water bathing at free of cost
  • Ceramic tank for long lasting
  • Highest quality design
  • Zero blockage by heat exchanger design
  • Corrosion free
  • Non – Pressurised
  • ETC – Nonstick & Ceramic tank
  • FPC – German Panel
  • Pressurised – Glass enamel tank
  • Single Circuit
  • Dual circuit – Heat exchanger

Solar Power Plants


  • Highest module conversion efficiency
  • Monocrystalline of 20.5% Efficiency (Highest efficiency in the world)
  • Poly crystalline of 17.5% Efficiency
  • Excellent weak light performance
  • PID resistance
  • Self mist resistance
  • Ammonia resistance

CCTV Camera

We Supplies an extensive range of CCTV Camera systems designed to increase the level of security in a business. Solwat aqua tech solutions innovative approach to security selections has ensured that we always surpass customer expectations and remain at the front of technology.

CCTV Camera surveillance is a significant component of management and security control. New developments in security cameras and digital video recording have made CCTV camera and video surveillance one of the most valuable security and loss prevention solution available. Solwat aqua tech solutions CCTV Security systems are reliable, efficient and easy to use.

Installing at least one CCTV camera and DVR in your locationallows you to protect your business against shoplifting and untruth employees. It allows you to identify and observe merchandise along with your business processes. Although mainly recognized for their use in security, CCTV security cameras are frequently used as a management tool to improve company performance and health & safety.

Rainy Filter

Rainy filters are designed with self cleaning mechanism and can be fixed to the wall by connecting Rooftop rainwater drain pipes. The rainwater along with dirt particles enters into the inlet of filter through the hollow pipe tangentially to the filter housing and rotating slowly along the periphery of upper housing so as to flow into the SS 304 filter element placed in lower housing of the filter unit in angular motion at specific velocity, which creates cohesive force and segregates dirt particles and clean water individually.

However when the intensity of rainfall increases the high volume of water moves in circular motion with high velocity in the upper housing and creates a centrifugal force. In both situations, involving low and high intensity of rainfall , the working principle of the filter based on cohesive and centrifugal force respectively, aids the filter element to divert clean water into the cistern/ recharging well and simultaneously flushes out automatically sand, debris, and dirt particles through the drain outlet.


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